The "Roses and Leaves Collection" jewellery pieces are part of the extensive PRIMUS Trendline collections. Our jewellery is available in 925/000 silver, rose gold or yellow gold, as well as black or white rhodium-plated.
The solidly crafted jewellery pieces are available in the following colours:
925 silver, rose gold plated
925 silver, gold-plated yellow gold
925 silver, white rhodium-plated
925 silver, black rhodium-plated
The PRIMUS Trendline brand collections are casual, sometimes wild, trendy, romantic, diverse and in tune with the times! The jewellery pieces are crafted in 925/000 silver, available in four colours, gold-plated yellow gold, gold-plated rose gold, black or white rhodium-plated. The PRIMUS Trendline team works with great attention to detail on the extensive jewellery creations.

Delivery includes a jewellery piece in your chosen colour. The jewellery piece is delivered in beautiful PRIMUS Trendline packaging.